Whether you've never vaped & want to learn, or vaping is your passion like us, at South Coast Vape we have everything you'll need to get you sorted, from a select range of reputable suppliers.

Having kicked the 'stinkies' habit ourselves, we completely understand just how truly difficult it can be to quit smoking, but we also understand that it WILL change your life forever.

We're sure many of you who are reading this may have already tried unsuccessfully in the past, but with our help, let's make it your final and successful attempt.

You might ask yourself, 'What is the point of switching from smoking one thing, to another'?


Vaping is nothing like smoking.

It has been proven in UK studies, that 6 months from giving up, a former smoker come vaper can have more than 95% less harmful toxins (associated with smoking) in their bodies, compared to those who continued to smoke.

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You are not burning anything, and therefore not releasing carcinogenic chemicals for yourself and those around you to inhale.

You are heating a liquid, turning it into a vapour and inhaling it. And no, you will not drown from water on your lungs.

Another reason to make the switch, is the financial benefits you will reap. The average vaper, ourselves included, will go through approximately 150 milliliters of 'juice' per month costing an average of roughly $60 PER MONTH. Cigarettes on the other hand, well, we don't need to tell you...! Just pause for a second and imagine where those savings could go... Go on, take a minute, we've got time...

What about the flavour?

What's your favourite cigarette flavour?


Not much to choose from is there? Now not everyone will agree with this next statement but trust us, once you become a vaper instead, you'll agree. 'Cigarettes taste like shit'.

Vaping utilises 'juices'. These juices consist primarily of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) & Propylene Glycol (PG). The rest is what makes the flavour you desire awesome. It doesn't matter how fussy you think your taste buds are, we guarantee you that there is a flavour somewhere that will appease them. The list of flavours available is seemingly endless and growing every day. Bubblegum? Cappuccino? Watermelon? Crab? Yep, they all exist!

We could continue rambling on for hours about the benefits of vaping but we're sure you're fed up with reading this novel by now. Besides, now that you understand a little about what vaping is, we're sure you'd like to check out our store.


Just remember that our inventory is ever changing and we only stock products we have personally tested ourselves but if you have any queries about any products we don't list/have, feel free to shoot us an email. We're always happy to chat. In fact, if you have any questions vape related at all and think that we can help or would just like to have a chat to us about vaping in general, hit us up.


We're always here to vape...